About Me

A little about me

Originally born from my mother, I’m an empowering individual that loves meeting new people, developing new relationships, solving problems, and contribute in making a memorable user experience.

I enjoy photography, skateboarding and travel to learn other cultures and explore. 

Coffee and chat?
What I look for in a company

Incredible company values that they live and breathe by! Values that align with mine such as openness, inclusive, creativity, compassion and responsibility.

A company that understands a true work/life balance and understands their employees goals and ambitions.

SOE and Modern Desktop

My passion derives from the end user experience. Right now I specialise in Microsoft cloud solutions and modern desktop. In the near future, I’ll be exploring other cloud solutions such as GCP, AWS etc, to advance in a multi-cloud solution. I believe all cloud solutions have pros & cons, and used together may create the best user experience (Achievement Unlocked: Ahead of the curve)

Microsoft Azure
Microsoft 365
Microsoft Intune

What my colleagues say

To answer your question, no I do not keep photos of my colleagues but the feedback is 💯 real.

You have been an absolute delight to work with and you will be very missed. Thank you for all your assistance during your time with us.

Carmel - Senior Finance Manager

I will miss your smile and can-do attitude. You brightened the DA office and will be surely missed.

Jan - General Manager

All the best mate. Thanks for bringing great energy and enthusiasm to the Canberra Office and broader organisation.

Tim - Marketing Manager

Thanks Chad for all of your help and support. It has been great working with you from afar. I don’t know what I will do with out your support, but I know you will do well in your new job and they are lucky to have you.

Roberta - IT Support Officer

Best of luck champion! We will miss you heaps, but I know we will see you as our support contractor.

Mick - Chief Information Officer

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