Welcome to my blog!

Geez… What a day, it’s been a while since I built a WordPress website. I started around 9am and finished by about 8pm today!

So this is officially my first time creating a blog, and I’m interested to know how the CMS is like on the WordPress platform. Lately I’ve been creating websites with Web Flow which gives you incredible flexibility for design and they have a pretty decent content management system as well.

Right now I’m using the WordPress app on a iPhone 12 Pro Max to see what functionality I have with a mobile for writing content on the go.

Anyway I’m off track here! Welcome everyone to my blog. I started this to put my thoughts, findings, problems and solutions in one central place. Not only for me to look back on, but also to share with others and hopefully meet some people in this space.

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out, I’m always keen for a chat! Chat soon.

– Chad

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