Hi 👋
I'm Chad Rossi, IT Project Manager.

I solve problems like a roundhouse kick from Chuck Norris. I specialise in Azure and Microsoft 365, spending most my time in Microsoft cloud environment. This website contains a little about me, welcome 🙂

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About Me

Aussie thrill-seeker who loves travelling, connecting and being apart of innovative businesses.

Developing With a Passion While Exploring The World.

Throughout the years I’ve reflected a lot and identified what’s important to me and the skills to perfect. The conclusion is this; Drive with curiosityBecome Chuck Norris of researchBe a good human

I’ve always been curious, from a young age. I remember modding the original Xbox, learning about parallel circuits, soldering, homebrewing, and hot glueing…lots and lots of hot glueing (Trust me it’s addictive!). It’s the drive from being curious and wanting to grow, be a better version and perfect what I do, in everything and anything I do. Research, learn from others and ask questions to get the big-gest picture.

Besides tying my shoelaces, I don’t know the answer to everything. Heck, I’ll be the first to shrug in a room, “Give me 10 minutes and I’ll get back to you” is something I often say. 90% of my knowledge is self-taught from endless nights of researching to beat that final boss…ahh problem 🤷. Making me awesome at effective research.

Before Skynet takes over, it’s always been important to connect with others. It’s not only detrimental for a business, but also creates an inclusive workplace that is rewarding and fun. My ESFP personality thrives in a collaborative environment and brings positive, motivated energy.

Original Xbox mod

Work Experience

Snapshot of where I’ve been and what I’ve done.

Lead Information Technology Project Manager
2023 - Coffs Harbour, NSW

Achievement: Oversee and lead technology for one of the largest projects on the East Coast of Australia.

Information Technology Industry
Desktop Support Level 2
2023 - Coffs Harbour, NSW

Achievement: I was recognized for consistently displaying Ferrovial’s Values of Respect, Collaboration, Excellence, Innovation & Integrity.

Information Technology Industry
IT Consultant
2022 - Canberra, ACT

Achievement: Hardened and improved overall security score on a variety of client tenancies. 

Information Technology Industry
IT Support Officer
2022 - Canberra, ACT

Achievement: Leading the charge in device deployment for the biggest merge in Diabetes Australia history.

Information Technology Industry
Customer Service
2019 - Banff, Canada

Achievement: Managing Lost & Found for the resort and providing the best customer experience.

Tourism Industry
sUAS Pilot
2017 - Brisbane, QLD

Achievement: Setting up infrastructure at 4 locations and developing the Brisbane team.

Drone Industry
Retention Specialist
2012 - Sunshine Coast, QLD

Achievement: Retention shining star of the month

Insurance Industry

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